7 Health Benefits of Taking Proteolytic Enzymes Daily

7 Health Benefits of Taking Proteolytic Enzymes Daily

Reduced joint discomfort, healthy inflammation response, natural blood cleaning — these are a few of the significant health benefits of taking proteolytic enzyme supplements every day.

Proteolytic enzymes are at the epicenter of your health. They form in your pancreas, breaking down proteins into more simple, usable forms.

Sometimes though, your body can’t make enough. This leaves an essential part of your wellbeing is compromised.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the top seven reasons to add proteolytic enzymes to your daily regimen.

And, we’ve broken down how proteolytic enzyme activity actually works in your body.

Here’s a closer look at the question of what are proteolytic enzymes good for, along with the benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes daily.

1. Support a healthy inflammatory response

 benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes

An out of control inflammatory response causes havoc in your body.

But, proteolytic enzymes help your body respond to inflammation in a healthy way and balance this inflammatory response.

In fact, since these enzymes help to break down the protein in the food you eat, they promote a healthier digestive tract.

Considering that this is where 70 to 80 percent of your immune system lives, it’s clear to see how taking proteolytic enzymes can help support a healthy inflammatory response.

To add even more benefits to the proteolytic puzzle, two separate scientific studies, which looked at the enzymes, yucca root and rutin, found that thanks to their potent antioxidant activity, they are able to defend against damaging free radicals and support the body’s natural response to inflammation.1,2

2. Promotes faster recovery after exercise

 benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes

The benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes don’t stop there either.

If you’ve ever had a twinge after physical exertion, you know how annoying they can be.

But you don’t have to suffer! Proteolytic enzymes go to work immediately to soothe muscle discomfort associated with exercise and other physical exertion.

In fact, one study found that curcumin defends against free radical damage to ease discomfort.3

3. Promotes healthy wound healing

 benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes

As mentioned earlier, one of the jobs of proteolytic enzymes is to break down proteins.

And, one of the most important proteins they break down is fibrin.

Here’s how it works…

When you get a cut or scrape, fibrin rushes in to hold your red blood cells and platelets in place and stop the bleeding.

Once it’s no longer needed, your body reabsorbs the fibrin and your healing process moves on.

At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, some things, like age, stress, and taking steroid medications for pain can slow down that healing process.

Luckily, proteolytic enzymes can help.

In a study reported in Biotechnology Research International, the researchers found that the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, derived from pineapple, supports normal fibrin activity and a healthy anti-inflammatory response.4

This promotes healthy wound healing.

4. Eases joint discomfort

 benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes

Many people live with joint discomfort day in and day out.

But, studies have shown that proteolytic enzymes help soothe joint discomfort, allowing you to stay more active and mobile.

In fact, one study found that people who took 400mg/day of Bromelain had significant improvement in joint discomfort.5

And, a review of 10 other studies on bromelain backed up that finding.6

5. Supports Healthy Immune Response

Proteolytic enzymes also help when it comes to your immune response.

These incredible enzymes support your body’s own natural protection against microbes and other pathogens.

And, evidence has shown that papain and other enzymes promote the breakdown of excess immune complexes in your blood.7

Immune complexes are combinations of an antibody (part of your body’s natural defense system) with an antigen (something that’s foreign to your body).

While it’s normal to have some of these in your body, a healthy balance of them actually supports the immune system.

So, by promoting the breakdown of these complexes, proteolytic enzymes keep your immune response humming along.

6. Natural blood cleanser/supports healthy circulation

 benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes

Excess waste proteins like fibrin are enemies to your health.

This makes it extremely important to do everything you can to support the breakdown of dead proteins and damaged tissue in your bloodstream.

The good news is that proteolytic enzymes act as natural blood cleansers.

Another of the benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes is that they help sweep unhealthy compounds from your body, promote healthy circulation and support your body’s innate instinct to protect itself.

One of the ingredients, rutin, even supports healthy nitric oxide production, which is vital to the health of the endothelial cells that line the interior surface of your blood vessels.8

That’s even more good news for your cardiovascular health.

7. Supports healthy digestive response

No discussion of the benefits of proteolytic enzymes is complete without talking about digestion.

Since they’re able to break down proteins, they have a significant impact on your digestion.

If your body can’t make enough enzymes to break down the proteins that can irritate your stomach, taking a high quality supplement may help.

One study found that when people with indigestion took proteolytic enzymes they experienced relief from belching, bloating, and stomach discomfort.9

Why You Need a Supplement to Get the Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes

So, when asking the question, “Do proteolytic enzymes work?” the answer is YES!

But, there is a problem…

Young people have naturally high levels of proteolytic enzymes.  However, your production of these essential enzymes drops off dramatically as you age.10

This makes adding these critical enzymes in supplement form vital for any adults over the age of 30.

It’s clear that there are numerous health benefits of taking proteolytic enzymes daily. They’re important in a multitude of your body’s functions and essential to your overall health and well-being.

That’s why for the best health possible you should get a daily dose of proteolytic enzymes in your diet.

The only way to do that is by taking a high-quality proteolytic enzyme supplement.

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7 Health Benefits of Taking Proteolytic Enzymes Daily
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